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Washington State Potato Commission

From organizing to writing, to editing and coordinating photography and illustrations, we create educational materials for foodservice and consumers

Syllabus coverSpud Syllabus
No potato association had ever created information that described the many potato varieties and their best usage in foodservice operations. Until Washington State, that is. We created The Spud Syllabus – All About Fresh Washington Potatoes for them, including purchasing, handling and storing information, clear descriptions and photographs of the basic preparations, and a handy illustrated chart of the many potato varieties.

Syllabus page Syllabus page Kate on site The result – now in its second printing, thousands and thousands of copies of the Syllabus have gone out to foodservice training schools and operations all across the country.

We know how to make materials that live long and work hard

Varieties ChartVarieties Chart
Information from the Spud Syllabus went on to become this valuable chart. Printed in an 11x17 format and laminated, it's been distributed to foodservice operations and retailers as a back-of-the-house guide. In yet another reincarnation, a smaller version of the chart appeared as an insert in "Produce News" and "The Packer".

Booklet coverOutstanding Potato Recipes from Washington State Chefs
To show foodservice decision makers, and consumers, the many varieties and uses of Washington potatoes, we collected exceptional recipes from noted local chefs and showcased both chefs and recipes in this booklet. Now we are placing the recipes and photos with key foodservice magazines, as on the cover of Chef magazine, shown below.

Booklet page Chef magazine Chef spread