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Pink Lady America®

Messages we create and distribute to our network of food media contacts can increase product awareness

Old-fashion BakingPink Lady® is a new-to-the-US apple variety with many benefits. To help the Pink Lady America® growers create awareness of their apple we partnered with Clabber Girl baking powder and created a full page newspaper release. The result – editors of 135 papers in 36 states, with circulation of 9 million, used the release, with an equivalent ad value of $800,000.


Weight WatchersWe sent sample boxes of Pink Lady® apples, along with fact sheets and a recipe leaflet, to key magazine food editors. As a result Cooking Light magazine’s October 2002 feature on apple varieties named Pink Lady® as Miss Congeniality – the best apple for all ‘round eating. And Weight Watcher’s magazine featured a Pink Lady® apple as the perfect snack.


Leaflet cover Leaflet inside And we also created a recipe leaflet (pink, of course) that told the Pink Lady® story and gave consumers usage tips and great recipes. This leaflet was created for wide consumer distribution through newspapers, magazines, and food shows.