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Ocean Mist Farms

We know how to make an unusual food item become familiar in American kitchens and on American tables, and we integrate all marketing communication programs to amplify messages

We’re proud to work with Ocean Mist Farms on every aspect of their marketing communications.


Easy as 1-2-3Newspaper Publicity
Each season (Spring and Fall) we create a full page newspaper release on artichokes. Artichokes, Easy as 1-2–3 is the page shown here. Every page reaches 9,000,000 consumers with an equivalent ad value of nearly $900,000. Ocean Mist also features the pages in merchandising mailings to their retail customers, helping to pre-sell the crop.

We also create regular releases for newspaper food editors on seasonal specialties featuring artichokes and other Ocean Mist crops, including cardone, rapini, Brussels sprouts and spinach.


Web site

We researched and wrote all copy for Ocean Mist’s website www.oceanmist.com and regularly work with them to update the site.


Prevention Hometown Cooking Special Event
As the country’s largest artichoke grower/shipper, Ocean Mist is key to the Castroville Artichoke Festival. To promote the Festival, and to continue to increase national consumer awareness of artichokes, we created a recipe contest and invited key magazine food editors, a food writer and newspaper food editor to judge the contest. The result – artichoke features in Prevention, Home Town Cooking and the San Jose Mercury News.

Winning Ways
We then created a full page newspaper release featuring the winning recipes. The Winning Ways with Artichokes page ran in more than 100 newspapers for an equivalent ad value of $750,000.

Frost kissedCrop Information
When frost is on the artichokes, they change their appearance – browning slightly and developing grey areas on the petals. Fortunately their eating quality is not harmed at all. To let consumers know that “Frost-Kissed” artichokes are just fine to eat, we sent information to newspaper and magazine food editors. The result – Better Homes & Gardens featured these artichokes in their January, 2003 pages.


Editor tourMagazine Food Editor Tour
In April 2003 we arranged an Artichoke Harvest Tour for the food editors of 8 major magazines, bringing them to Castroville and Monterey to tour fields, see the harvest in action, and view every aspect of Ocean Mist’s quality assurance program. As a result, artichoke features are now appearing in the Spring 2004 issues of magazines. To date, the March issues of Prevention, Better Homes & Gardens and Sunset have all featured artichokes and April issues will bring even more in Woman’s Day, Cooking Light and Southern Living. Wegman’s Menu gave artichokes a starring role in their Fall 2003 issue.


Crisis and Food Safety Plans
We work regularly with Ocean Mist Farms to update both their Crisis and Food Safety Plans.