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Mixed berries

Driscoll's Strawberry Associates


Providing consumer influencers with learning opportunities and simple but unique recipes is what we do

Our decade-long public relations amd marketing communications programs for Driscoll’s helped establish the Driscoll's brand as “The Finest Berries in the World”.

Each year we created a new recipe leaflet, and a complete press kit including spectacular photos and recipes, which then became the basis of a major newspaper and magazine food editor campaign.

Leaflet cover Leaflet cover Leaflet cover Leaflet inside

We brought key magazine food editors to California for strawberry field tours and created two unique Hunt’s Point Market tours for New York based editors. Thanks to our efforts, Driscoll’s was the first produce item to be a sponsor of the prestigious International Association of Culinary Professionals conference.

Editor tour

The result – newspaper and magazine features earned equivalent ad values of nearly $1,000,00 each year.