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Our work includes almost every aspect of food marketing communications

Marketing Communications Planning
Specializing in integrated programs
Examples: Ocean Mist Farms, WA Egg Commission

National, regional, state and local
Examples: Iowa Soybean Board, WA Egg Commission

Public relations
Specializing in food media: print, broadcast and Internet Examples: Ocean Mist Farms, Iowa Soybean Board

Product-moving programs for consumer and foodservice markets
Example: Iowa Soybean Board

Cookbooks and recipe booklets
Examples: D'Arrigo, Sharp Electronics

Magazine and newspaper articles
Example: Flavor and the Menu

Recipe development
Example: Pink Lady

Food photography
Art direction, food styling, and propping
Examples: Driscoll's, Sharp Electronics

Analysis and applications
Example: Trendspotters

Tastings, cooking schools, charity events, and more Examples: Driscoll's, Ocean Mist Farms

Nutrition Communications
Examples: Roman Meal, ASMI, Iowa Soybean Board

Market research
Conducting focus groups, interpreting and applying research